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Scope of Practice

Section 1(1)(u) of the Regulated Forestry Profession Act defines the “practice of forestry” as

"the development, acquisition or application of scientific principles and practices relating to forestry, products of forested land and integrated management of forested land and includes, without limitation,"

i.       the inventory, classification, appraisal and evaluation of forests and forested land,

ii.      the development and implementation of programs for harvesting and renewal of forests and forested

iii.     the conservation, reclamation, improvement or protection of forests, forested land or forest soils for forestry

iv.     the preparation of forest resource management plans,

v.      the development of integrated resource management plans and administration of forested land,

vi.     the teaching of forestry at a college, technical institute or university, and

vii.    the conducting of research activities related to forestry