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November 14, 2016

Please be advised the Strategic Plan that was presented at the Annual General Meeting is posted on the CAPF / CAPFT websites.  The Strategic Plan will guide the Association of Alberta Forest Management Professionals through the merger as it becomes "...the recognized trusted authority for sustainable management of forest ecosystems in Alberta".  The Strategic Plan has been endorsed by Council and will be implemented over the coming months and years.  Be advised that the Plan will be a living document that will be updated and adjusted as we reach milestones and new realities emerge. 

Council welcomes your input and any assistance you can offer to implement the Strategic Plan.  As it was noted during the presentation of the Plan, it is now time to put our shoulder to the task at hand.  We look forward to your support and help in achieving the results and outcomes identified in the Plan.

AAFMP Strategic Plan




October 7, 2016

Dear Members:


The College of Alberta Professional Forest Technologists is currently in an unusual position of needing to rescind some bylaws that are considered incompliant relative to the authority and requirements of the Regulated Forestry Profession Act (RPFA) and Registered Professional Forest Technologists Regulation (RPFTR).


Several years ago bylaw amendments were made to create additional regulated categories to accommodate new types of regulated members and address labour mobility. 

Two additional registers were created:

1.       Registered Forest Technologist Register,

2.       Forest Technologist in Training Register.

Recognizing regulated categories can only be created through legislation (i.e. regulation), the bylaw amendments that were approved were done so conditionally upon regulations being in force the year they were approved. The expected regulatory changes did not proceed as anticipated. The regulatory changes did not come to fruition because of the establishment of the Partnership Initiative and the resultant drafting of joint regulations. The joint regulations have also been delayed and so the bylaws that were approved are in fact not legal.

To further elevate this issue, the Alberta government has commenced a due diligence process of reviewing our bylaws for legal conformity with RPFA and RPFTR. This review is necessary to accommodate the rewriting of the Regulated Forestry Profession Act for the merger.

Looking Forward:

With the assistance of legal counsel, we were able to firmly establish that Articles:

  • 3:01B Registered Forest Technologists Register
  • 3:01D Forest Technologist-in-Training Register are incompliant registers relative the authority CAPFT council and membership has under Section 27, 100 and 101 of the RPFA.

Section 12 of the RPFTR clearly indicates that there are only 3 registers that a member may be placed on if they meet the registration requirements.

1.       The Registered Professional Forest Technologists Register

2.       The Conditional Register

3.       The Temporary Register.


Effective Immediately: Article 3.01 Registration Criteria of the CAPFT Bylaws has been rescinded. CAPFT will use the statutory requirements described in the RPFA and RPFTR to guide the application and registration process until such a time our current legislation is formally changed. 

The corrected bylaws can be viewed at the following web address:

The majority of our membership will be unaffected by these changes; however, there will be roughly 80 members that currently reside on the Registered Forest Technologist Register and the Forest Technologist in Training Register that will be moved immediately to the Conditional Register. This will be done to conform to the statutory requirements of registration with the College.

Going forward, each of the affected members will retain the same practice rights and will use the Registered Forest Technologist (RFT) title. Individual members will be contacted directly by letter outlining the registration requirements of the Conditional Register. All members that are moved to the Conditional Register will be required to comply with the legal requirements of this register and will also be provided ample time and terms to meet the full registration requirements to become a Registered Professional Forest Technologist.

CAPFT will be hosting a webinar on October 24, 2016 at 1:00 pm to provide interested members additional information and answer questions related to this issue. Click here to register.

In the meantime, feel free to contact the College office at 780.761.8733 if you have any questions.


Reach Forest Technologists across Canada with your projects and findings.

CAPFT is seeking Members to write technical papers to be published in the Forestry Chronicle.  The CIF aims to provide technical content relevant to all forest practitioners across Canada.

Publishing articles for the Forestry Chronicle is reportable under the Continuing Competence Program.

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