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Becoming a Member

A series of steps are involved in becoming a registered as a professional with the College.  Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you in this process. If you do not find the information, you are seeking here please contact the College office at 780.761-8733 (TREE) or  


1.        Who should be registered as a member with the College?

Under the Regulated Forestry Profession Act (RFPA), any person qualified for registration and practicing forestry in Alberta must be registered with the College. 


2.        Do I have to be registered?

Under the RFPA, a person must apply for registration if the person:

a)       is qualified to meet the requirements of Section 22(2) for registration as a regulated member, and

b)       intends to provide any or all of the following:

           i.            professional services on public land;

           ii.            the teaching of the practice of a regulated profession to regulated members or students of the regulated profession;

           iii.            the supervision of regulated members who provide professional services on public land.


3.        What does "practice forestry" mean?

RFPA defines the practice of forestry as the development, acquisition or application of scientific principles and practices relating to forestry, products of forested land and integrated management of forested land.


4.        What types of practice does this include?

Without limitation, it includes:

a)        the inventory, classification, appraisal and evaluation of forests and forested land,
b)       the development and implementation of programs for harvesting and renewal of forests and forested land,
c)        the conservation, reclamation, improvement or protection (including protection from fire) of forests, forested land or forest soils for forestry purposes,
d)       the preparation of forest resource management plans,
e)       the development of integrated resource management plans and administration of forested land,
f)         the teaching of forestry at a college, technical institute or university, and
g)        the conducting of research activities related to forestry;


5.        What is an RPFT?

An RPFT is a regulated member who has completed the required academics and written the professional exam.  An RPFT holds a practice permit with no conditions, professional designation, sign off authority, and a professional seal.


6.        Am I eligible for registration with the College?

If you have graduated from a two-year Forest Technology Diploma Program from one of the approved institutions are legally entitled to work in Canada, and have proof of a good character reference you are eligible to register with the College.


7.        What institutions are recognized by the College?

The NAIT 2-year Forest Technology Program is the benchmark in which the College determines eligibility for application.

Other eligible institutions include the following forestry programs:





British Columbia Institute of Technology

Burnaby, BC

Sustainable Resource Management Technology


College of New Caledonia

Prince George, BC

Natural Resources & Environmental Technology  


Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

Merritt, BC

Environmental Resources Technologist Diploma  


Selkirk College

Castlegar, BC

Forest Technology


Vancouver Island University

Nanaimo, BC   

Forest Resources Technology


Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Arts & Sciences 

Prince Albert, SK

Forest Ecosystem Technology


Maritime College of Forest Technology

Fredericton, NB  

Forest Technology


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Edmonton, AB  

Forest Technology


Sir Sanford Fleming College


Forestry Technician


College of the North Atlantic

Corner Brook, NF

Forest Resources Technician


Cégep de la Gaspesie et des Iles

Gaspé, QC

Forest Technology (Environment & Forest Resources) 


Cégep de Sainte-Foy

Sainte Foy, QC

Forest Technology


College Boreal

Sudbury, ON

Forest Technology


La Cite Collegiale    

Ottawa, ON

Forest Environment & Wildlife Technology    


Sault College    

Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Forest Conservation Technician    


As programs are continuously growing and changing, so is the list of eligible diploma programs.  To find out if your two-year diploma program is eligible, please contact the Registrar at 780.761.8733 or


8.        What if my diploma is not eligible for registration as a regulated member?

You may apply as an associate member.  An associate member will hold a diploma from a natural resources or environmental sciences program at a recognized training school or vocational college and have had one or more years of training.

An associate member will commit to meet the requirements to become a regulated member.


9.        How do I register with the College?

Now that you have determined that you should be registered, you can apply for registration with CAPFT.

a)        Complete your online application form:

b)       Submit all of your supporting documents required to complete your application:

    • Copy of your post-secondary diploma
    • Copy of your updated resume with work experience (include specific work experience dates such as Apr. 7, 2011 - Aug 28, 2011)
    • Copy of three (3) professional references

c)        Ensure your member profile is up to date including the following information:

    • Contact information
    • Home and Work mailing addresses
    • Email addresses
    • Home and Work telephone numbers
    • Employment information
    • Please use an email address OTHER than your college/university address.

Your profile is created when you complete the online application and will consist of information in the application form.  Please remember to use a log in name and password that you will remember and your regular email address.

d)       Complete your annual declaration online.


10.     What do I need to register and complete my application?

In addition to the online application form, you will need to submit some important documents to complete your application. 

  • Copy of your post-secondary diploma
  • Updated copy of your resume (including specific dates of post graduate work experience)
  • Three (3) professional references
  • Payment of your application fee (
  • Completing your annual declaration


These documents are necessary to perform a complete review of your application.  Without all listed documents, an application is considered incomplete.


11.     How do I submit my documents?

Please upload your application documents through the CAPFT website after submitting your online application form.


12.     How do I submit my Declaration?

An applicant will submit a declaration in their online application or using their members page. 


13.     I have submitted my online application and supporting documents to the College, now what?

Next step is for your application to be reviewed.  You will be contacted by the College office notifying you that your submissions have been received, if any additional information is required, and the outcome of your application.


14.     I have been accepted by the College, now what?

Your annual responsibilities include:

  • Fulfilling your annual reporting requirements under the Continued Competency Program
  • Applying for your Annual Practice Permit
  • Completing your annual online declaration
  • Submitting your annual dues

You will obtain a sponsor.  Your sponsor must be a forestry professional who is a member in good standing with either CAPFT or CAPF.  Your sponsor will mentor you on being a member of the College and verify your work experience.  A sponsor form and information will be provided for you in your Welcome Package.  When you obtain a sponsor, they will fill out this form Sponsor Statement and you will submit it to the College for record.  When you have completed your 24-months work experience, your sponsor will complete a Sponsors Report, which you will submit to the College to verify your work experience is complete. 


 15.     I am transferring from another province, how do I register?

Under the provincial labour mobility agreement, a member may transfer from an out of province regulated forestry regulatory body within Canada if they are a member in good standing with their respective organization.

The 'new member' application process will apply to an out of province transferring applicant.  A member's professional designation will be mutually recognized and will transfer with the same level as on record with their respective regulatory body. A transferring applicant will write a Jurisprudence Exam to provide for familiarization with Provincial legislation. 


16.     What do I need to pass the Professional Exam?

A score of 65% or higher is required to pass the exam.


17.     What do I need to study for the Professional Exam?

Study sessions are available prior to each exam. Exam prep materials are found at:


18.     How do I register for the exam?

Details on exam registration can be found at:


19.     What are my obligations as a regulated member?

A regulated member is required to maintain membership in good standing with the College.  This includes: 

  • submit an annual summary of continuing forestry education activities by the annual deadline
  • apply for the annual practice permit by the annual deadline
  • ensure that contact information is kept up to date
  • abide by the Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and the College Bylaws and Policies
  • abide by the Act (RFPA)and the Regulation (RPFTR).

Members are encouraged to become involved in the College through Committee and Council activities. 

Forest Technologists are knowledgeable, ethical and honourable professionals practicing forestry in the Province of Alberta.