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Alberta's Professional Forest Technologists share a responsibility for standards of professional forestry practice with Professional Foresters.  The Regulated Forestry Profession Act Schedule 2 subsection 3 confirms that "in their professional practice, registered professional forest technologists carry on the practice of forestry."  In Alberta Foresters and Forest Technologists are regulated under one Act with shared or equal practice in law is a unique situation within the Canadian context.

Regulated categories of Forest Technologists posses one or more of the following rights or privileges:

  • Use of Title 1
  • Professional Sign-Off
  • Use of Seal 2

The Alberta Government acknowledges the value of professional submissions by professional forest technologists and professional foresters through a policy of professional validation of submissions and through support for AAFMP's’s membership in the Joint Environmental Professional Practices Board.  The Board engages in interdisciplinary collaboration and assists Professionals with communication on reclamation and remediation work in Alberta. 

As a result of support from the industry regulator, the government ensures that "Regulated Forest Management Professionals" validate their submissions 3.”   They have also ensured that Forest professionals are two of a total of six categories of professionals permitted to sign-off on reports submitted to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry or Alberta Environment for completion of reclamation and remediation work in Alberta 4.


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